April 3rd, 2008


tenant from hell

I thought this was messed up enough to share with others. I'd like to tell you about my tenants, well the one really. He's my cousin from out of town. I figured I'd let him & his wife rent the other half of my building since they had just moved into town. They moved in around October '07. Things were going great until about 4 months ago. My cousin, I'll call him Bob for anonymity, started having trouble paying his rent because his job was paying him shit. (Web developer - 1 year experience, no degree) Suddenly, a position opened at my work. Mainly a position for doing tedious grunt work (updating content on websites we currently run). I thought he'd be a perfect fit, but I didn't really wanna work with family at all. Eventually the position was never filled, so I recommended him. He interviewed & got the job. Great! But not so great... this is where everything gets fucked. I didn't know how much of an ass kissing, dick sucking whore he was. I don't know if it's the getting into work at 7am and leaving between 6pm & 7pm everyday, or the fact that he always skips lunch to continously work, or maybe it's how he's flying through tasks like his life depended on it. Suddenly, somehow, I'm not getting that much work to do. Note, we work on completely different things. I'm mainly a coder & he's more of a content updater... I could go on for hours, but the bottom line is, they started giving him some of my work, which is now starting to make me look bad, mainly because I don't kiss ass and work 12 hours a day & skip lunch. I've noticed my boss being a little snippy with me, but constantly being nice to Bob. I'll get back to this...

I'm allergic to dogs. I love dogs, but I can't have one. It sucks! The one rule for my building is no dogs. Period. They have 2. They only had 1 at first, but I didn't mind because it's one of those tiny ones that doesn't shed. They know how much dogs mess with my allergies. One day, I get home and there's a puppy in the backyard. Turns out, they decided to get another dog! Uhhh... what the fuck!! I got pissed and talked to them about it and they said it's not gonna get any bigger & that it doesn't shed. I don't know shit about dogs so I believed them. I was still pretty pissed because they should have at least asked me first. 2 weeks go by, the dog is about 3-4 times the size it was before. I go over to their side to talk to them about it, and the whole place smells like piss. All the doors have chunks of wood missing because the dog scratched the shit out them. And on top of it, I can't be over there for more than 5 minutes now without sneezing my head off. Their responses to everything: "We'll pay for it". You have $6000??? I have to replace the front & back door for $1500 a piece, along with the rest of the doors in the house which will run another $1500-$2000. Also, the carpet has to be ripped out and replaced. That'll be a good $500-$1000. The scary thing is they're totally oblivious (or acting like it) to how serious this is! This dog they got, which I didn't want them to have, has caused $6000 of damage to my building in the span of 1 month. The best is, I was having the house appraised so I could refinance, and the fucking dog was digging a hole in the backyard while the appraiser was out there. This sounds bad, but I kicked that fucking dog in the ass so hard that he won't go near me now. That hole actually messed up my appraisal. In order to get the interest rate I was going for, my building had to get appraised at $XXX,XXX. It ended up getting appraised at $5000 less, and that's because of that damn dog digging in the yard. So that was it. The dog is gone!!
Me: Bob, you need to get rid of the dog. He's way too destructive, I can't go on your side and work if need be, and he fucked up my appraisal.
Bob: Yeah, I know. I'm sorry, but my wife loves him.
Me: That's great, but I don't give a shit. Get rid of him!
Bob: Ok. But she's gonna be pissed.
Me: Oh darn, I've been pissed for the past month.

This was 3 days ago. The dog is still there. God help me if he's still there by the weekend.

Back to the work situation, but first, I need to add this so it makes more sense. Bob has a washer & dryer. I don't. They've been letting me use their's since they moved in. Sunday night I wanted to do my laundry, but they were using it. Darn. Monday night, laundry. Same clothes from Sunday night in the washing machine. Tuesday night, same. Wednesday night, same. "Bob, can you please finish your laundry. I have no clothes for tomorrow." "Sure!" 9pm, clothes still there. "Bob!" "Sorry, doing it now". 10pm, clothes still there. 11pm, clothes still there. "BOB!!!" No answer. That brings us to today! Now I have no clothes. All my clothes are crumpled up and dirty, packed in a bag that's sitting in the basement. The only clothes I have to where are things I keep hung up. (I usually wear jeans & a tshirt to work). I get in today, dressed all nice and people think I have a job interview. My boss asks to see me. "You have an interview later today???" No! I explained the washing machine situation. He's not buying it because Bob is such a great worker, and he'd never do anything like that. The conversation ends with him saying "I hope, for your sake, you're not lying to me. You're walking on thin ice, and..." This was a complete & total shock to me. I had no idea my boss thought of me in that manner. I've always been a GREAT worker. I've never fucked anything up. I get all my tasks done on time without having to go back and fix bugs. Oh, did I say I never fucked anything up??? Bob totally fucked the production database up once because he sucks at SQL! "...you should take an example from your cousin." BOOM!!! That is the last thing I needed to hear. THE LAST THING! I feel like I'm in a fucking movie! I almost lost my shit, but I sucked it up, went back to my desk and sure enough, there's Bob. "What'd he talk to you about??" God I want to punch him in the face.

So here I am. Thinking about things. How to deal with Bob... Let's see, he moved into my building, went behind my back and got a dog which then proceeded to totally tear apart that side of the building and fuck up my appraisal. Did I mention that our basements are connected by a door and the dog got into my studio and chewed up 6 cables. And now it looks like he might be taking my job (He makes $30k less than me, so why wouldn't they keep him & get rid of me???). Makes me feel great, mainly because I've been working my ass off for the past 10 years to get to where I'm at today, only to have it start coming apart because of a FUCKING MORON!!!

I'm sorry that my last posts have been negative, but I just REEEAAALLLLLLLYYY needed to vent about this.